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Make 2020 Your Best Yet! - Better still, Experience your next Decade at Your Best!


Are you ready for a change?

Do you have a desire to feel better, lose some weight, sleep more deeply, reduce stress & anxiety, and begin to live your life with stronger health & confidence?

Then my Program could be exactly what you are looking for!


The Love-Up Habit Evolution



If you are feeling frustrated with your body, and know that there has to be more to your life than the endless cycle of bloating, weight fluctuation, pain in joints, headaches, exhaustion, stress and overload - If you want to feel healthier and move into greater health with a sense of wellness and ease - then my program is for you!

The Love-Up Habit Evolution program is an online interactive course that takes you through life-changing habits to shift out of that nasty frustrating cycle.

I will guide you back to how you are truly meant to be

- Healthy, Happy & Loving Yourself!

My live online program is life-renewing.

Here's what recent program members have to say about their experience in my course...

"This program has changed my life, I feel so much better. I honestly think that this should be taught to everyone and covered by our Public Health Care system" - Anne

"The year with Heather’s Evolutionary habits program has been deeply nourishing for heart, mind, body and soul. She merged ancient wisdom, practical magic and simple steps to support a real foundation of health. She’s also an amazing human being and gorgeous inspiration!"  A.V.C.

The focus of my program starts with setting up the healthiest, eating, sleeping and waking patterns to bring you into better alignment in your whole body. These beginning steps set the cycle and rhythm of your life to what is best for your human body clock. This makes a profound difference in how you will feel mentally, physically and emotionally. 

From there, we move forward into better eating guidelines, healthier recipes, and self-care practices based in over thousands of years of wisdom from Yoga & Ayurveda.


My program will teach you wholesome and natural ways to honour and nurture yourself. Supporting you in becoming your best self.

We will dip into the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda for many of the beautiful teachings they bring. We will connect with Nature and the Circadian Rhythms.

This is no "fad diet" or "quick fix" gimmick - This is a loving and in-depth program like no other you have experienced before!

Interested? Curious? Want to find out if my program is right for you? Reach out and let's have a chat. Grab a FREE coaching session to see if you like my style and find out if working with me is right for you.  

 Here are a few more testimonials

" Before I began Heather's Program, I used to start the day with a negative outlook and now I look forward to each morning. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am so grateful with how Heather and this program have helped me see things in a better way. . .Thank you, Heather - You are a wonderful inspiration. " 

- Anne

"I highly recommend Heather's Love-Up Evolution Program. I incorporated the lessons in my daily routine with the guidance & support of Heather and the group of wonderful people who also enjoyed the program. The shift in my life has created healthier eating habits, better sleeping habits,

and a deeper connection with the person I want to be." 

- Nieves

"I found Heather's Love-Up Evolution series to be very rewarding - A great investment in myself. Each lesson is simple, can be expanded on and will improve your health, in body, mind and soul. I love that these habits don't incur extra expenses. They improve your overall being.

I personally feel healthier and more confident in myself after taking this course.

Thanks, Heather for being an awesome coach!!"

 - Sherri

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