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Rising Early...

Brahma Muhurta ~ Sacred Time Before the Dawn

There is something soft & magical about the early morning just before sunrise...

I have been practising the art of awakening early for many years and I absolutely love it!


Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't always an "early bird". In fact, I was definitely a "night owl" who loved to push the midnight hour...

And then I was introduced to the benefits of early rising meditation and sitting in silence during the wee hours of the morning - And I was converted from party owl to morning dove for good! 

It wasn't an easy shift at first, but those times when I was able to get up earlier and sit for a few minutes before the sunrise, I found myself in a much better mood than usual. My thinking seemed clearer & I was more sparkly throughout the day... 

It took a few months of consistent effort, but now I wouldn't give it up... I'm converted! 

The benefits are plenty and I feel like I have all the time in the world to do so many things each day now...

And the added bonus, during the winter months, I often get to see the early morning sky filled with more stars than one could ever imagine.

It's magical...


Perhaps you too, are curious about experiencing the sacred time before the dawn?


Here's a tip...

Try setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier for a few weeks to help you make the shift

(you may have to get to bed a little earlier too, but it's worth it!)

Here are some of the known benefits:

- better grades

- better decision making/problem solving

- improved mood

- improved mental clarity

- a sense of calm

- more time to be productive

- healthier sleep cycles/patterns

- healthier immune system

- balance out appetite

- sync to the Circadian Rhythms (Nature's Daily Cycles) 

- improved digestion

Have you experimented with rising early?

What were your discoveries?

I'd love to hear how it went for you!

xo ~ Heather 

Check out one of my early morning personal yoga practices, this is one just for me... I make up the flow as I move

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