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Finally, My New

Full Length

Self-Help Book,

"How to be Your Own Self Love-Up Guru" Available This Year!

Just like you, my life and career had to take a backseat for a whole year. While we all traversed the roadblocks brought about by our global pandemic, my manuscript got a little dusty waiting on that backseat!

At the beginning of this year, 2021, I dusted her off and began some of my typesetting and re-editing to prep for finding the perfect direction for publishing. 

And, I'm just about there! Like all lengthy projects and laborsome creations, it's hard to allow yourself to be finished with the project. My perfectionism keeps kicking in, and I'm pulled back to tweak and re-edit again and again. 

Recently, I started putting out some feelers, writing some contact emails, and jumping into conversations about the next big steps in my book process!

It's exciting, frightening and liberating all at once.

I'll keep you posted - Once things begin to roll out further, I will share the news.

Thanks for being so awesomely supportive and encouraging around my book. You are deeply appreciated, and I can't wait to get this book baby ready and into your hands!

And, in case you are wondering, I will be offering pre-sales of "How To Be Your Own Self Love-Up Guru" once I have the print-ready date!

Hey, did you know...

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Choosing My Publisher


Hey, did you know that I was published in a book collaboration last year? 

It was an amazing experience to be involved with all those wonderful authors. You can purchase your own copy of that book, Awakened - The Magic Within, through Amazon. Or you can send me a note to purchase a personally signed copy! 

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