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So much has changed for me, and probably for you too, since 2019. For one thing, I’ve moved out to the East Coast of Canada!

At the beginning of 2020, I felt that it was time for some BIG changes for me. At that time, I couldn’t have known that a pandemic was coming, but I did feel that I needed to pause writing, teaching yoga, and health coaching. I “knew” that a time off was in the works.

Fast forward to today, now in January 2021. And a LOT has happened that will shift the way I will be working in the world.

I have moved to a small seaside hobby(ish) farm and have begun surveying the land and its potentials for creating my new workspace. Perhaps, I will build another studio or maybe create a lavender farm. Or make a place to host healing events and workshops.

Perhaps I will do ALL of these things. Who knows!? But I do not know right now, and that’s okay.

And as I traverse the potentials within this new world and the future, I want to share a few thoughts about how we can be loving and tender with ourselves and each other - even when we don’t have all the answers.

I have created a free Self Love-Up video to share to help others who may also be feeling the pressure to have the answers that might not be here yet. And, I am sharing my video here with you. You can watch it through my YouTube channel linked to the image below.

Sending Much Love to you,

I hope you are managing okay and doing your best to stay positive. Know that you can always reread any past newsletters for recipes, yoga, and other inspirations. AND feel free to reach out to say, “Hi” and let me know how you are doing.

xo ~ Heather

Here is my video. You can click the image, and it will bring you to my video on my YouTube channel.


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