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 What's Happening Now...


These past few weeks, I have been back in editing mode for my Self-Help Book... it's one heck of a process to whittle down and sort out 57,000 words! 

This is the diligence required for the making of my craft - I love it!

As I make my way through each chapter, I find myself feeling so grateful for the journey. I never thought I'd say that when I went through trials and tribulations that haunted me throughout my earlier days.

It's amazing how powerful a healing journey can be.

Recently, I have also been presented with the opportunity to co-author in 2 book collaborations to share my story and awakening into the journey of the work which I now do. 

Life is truly an adventure! 

As I write and write some more, I can feel the whispers of a whole new journey unfolding in my future as I plan for publishing, speaking, travelling (when the world allows) 

To quote Doctor Suess,

"Oh the places you will go"


And where, my friend, do you dream that your journey will be taking you next?




Write, Edit - wash, rinse...repeat!

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