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You can now join me here behind the scenes of my self-help book editing experience.



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My Wildest Dreams
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Draw Your Own 52 Oracle Pages
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Hands Off !

This is My Hedgehog Notebook          

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And Now for

My Latest Book Editing News 

I'm dusting off my editor's notes and sitting down to re-edit my self-help book,


Self Love-Up Guru.

Here's the Big News - I am inviting you to join me behind the scenes of my editing process! I'll be sharing exclusive chapter content, book layout & design, and even sharing a sneak peak at which book cover I'll be choosing.

This is super exciting stuff.


 Think of this as the inner circle with "book edit by community".

Take a look through the menu. I am sharing new podcasts, newsletters, and behind-the-scenes content here as the months unfold.


And, here is my latest snippet behind-the-scenes...


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