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 What's Happening Now...


Let's be honest, this year has been tremendously challenging for most and self-care for the soul may have slid through the cracks for many of us. 

But I want to invite you to lean into the energy of your "inner caregiver" for a while here...


What one small simple thing can you do for yourself today or this week that would bring you even just a moment of ease and peace? 

Is it a longer shower/bath?

A self-massage with lavender oil while listening to some soothing music?

How about a simple meditation for only 3 minutes?

Maybe you need a long walk, some yoga or dancing in your living room to your favourite tunes!?

Maybe you need to swap out that bowl of party mix for a handful of grapes? Maybe you need to make a phone play-date with a friend?


I don't know - BUT YOU DO!

You know intuitively that there is some small shift you can make for your own soul...


What is it?

I know, I get it - these small,

"self-care gestures" can seem like you're only slapping a tiny bandaid on a gaping wound, but we must start somewhere. Anywhere!

Take a few moments to fill up with something nurturing.

And baby-steps, Baby! It's the way to start.

I am rekindling my own self-care and self-love practices as we move into deeper times and I hope you will too.

Drop me a note to tell me how YOU are giving your self-care a boost this week.


Much Love to You,



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