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Moving forward from the effects of the covid rules, lockdowns, and limitations that we have all experienced this past year & a half, many of us want to feel like we can begin making progress and getting somewhere in our lives. Pre-covid, we had been trained and hard-wired to work hard toward our goals. To force ourselves to get the job done. To schedule more and more and even more into our days. 


And as we start to shift back into a life that seems to offer us more freedom from our homes and isolation situations, we begin to ask the question, "Now what?"


That is a weighty and loaded question, especially when it is human nature to move from "fast to feasting." There may even be the sense of inner rebellion that says that I want to try EVERYTHING as soon as we get past all this Covid stuff! Travel, visit family & friends, host parties, get a new job, get fit, get new clothes that I can try on first, do it all.


​So how the heck do we pick where to start?


All these options can lead to decision fatigue. Or, as the cool marketing kids say, FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. 



​Perhaps you are one of the many who are experiencing a bit of hesitation or fear of getting too comfortable with the idea of moving forward just in case we are not past all this Covid mess. And maybe you fear that the rug will be pulled back out from under you. Best to tread lightly.


​All this unknowingness can leave us feeling unsettled, whether we are excited about our futures or dreading the other shoe will fall.

​And none of that energy supports a healthy, self-loving orientation for our souls. 


​I want to offer 

a self-love-up approach that will support each decision you make as you move forward from here.


First, pause and take a few moments to do some gentle breath-work or movement to help get your mind present and clear (there are some resources in my website) 


Once you feel more centred and grounded,


​Ask yourself this question,

"How can I be more loving to myself today?"

An answer will rise.

Now, get creative.

Do that loving thing that rose up as an answer. 

Make it happen.


If it is complex, look for ways to take a tiny step toward it.

Get curious. Be playful. Experiment. 


In what creative way can you do that loving thing for yourself?

I bet there are all kinds of ways to fit it in - Do your best to avoid being perfect - it does not need to look pretty. You do not have to get it all right. Not all done at once.

​Sometimes, all we need to do is open our creative minds to the most straightforward possible solutions. 


Use your creativity as an artist - maybe your mistakes can be turned into birds or trees on the canvas as the artist Bob Ross suggested!


Think like an inventor who is trying something new for the first time! Or the child playing with building blocks - or better yet, the kid turning the box that the building blocks came in into a playhouse.


You get the point - Start playing.

And be more loving and kinder with your sweet self!


If you would you like some support on your journey to healing and self-love - Reach out. Send me an email.

 I work with women who are ready to make a self-loving shift into who they truly are!


~xo Heather

The Art of Self-Love

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