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Self Love-Up Guru

I support women in the journey to Self-Love & Healing



Heather Cairns-Hodgson


I think we all are on a lifelong quest to deepen our experiences and understand ourselves more fully.

We want happiness and a sense of belonging.

We all want Self-Love.




My name is Heather Cairns-Hodgson. I am also known as the Self Love-Up Guru. 

As a healed survivor of abuse and trauma, and a lifetime of study and work in the Wellness Industry,

I work with women who struggle with issues around self-love and acceptance. Guiding them through the techniques and supports that helped so many other women, including myself to improve my entire life. My techniques include the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, Intuitive & Energy Therapies, Body science, Spirituality, and Mindfulness to bring clarity, inspiration and achievable results.

If any of this speaks to you, I encourage you to reach out and connect with me. Find out some of the many ways in which I can support you on your journey of healing. Whether through one of my programs or workshops, one-on-one coaching, or group sessions, there are a few options that can be tailored to fit you.

Take a look through some of my content below to see if anything resonates with you. 

I also run online & in-person talks, workshops and retreats. I am currently planning my schedule for the 2023 Spring/Summer/Fall seasons and will post some of those workshop dates soon. 

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 Workshops, Events & Programs 

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Heather's Book Updates

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Rhythm of the Heart - an afternoon of Drumming & Movement for Body, Mind & Soul!
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Yoga & Camping Flyer
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change the way you eat
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Breathe In - Breathe Out
Crow Bday
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Inside my studio
Awakened Conciuosness
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Age with Vitality Confidence
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I had the delightful experience of joining Heather in a coaching series that taught us not just to self-love but gave us personal guidance on how to. Her gentle encouragement, her deep wisdom, her structure, and reliability came together in an almost magical journey that fostered self-knowledge, self-love, and life-long habits. So incredibly healing!

Well worth it!


Burk's Falls, ON, Canada



I first started taking some Yoga classes with Heather which led to a wonderful course of Healthy Habits that she presented as well. I believe this is what started me on my own journey of self-care, that I

continue today. Heather demonstrates and explains things in a very easy to follow manner. I highly recommend Heather for her Yoga Classes, Health, Wellness and Selflove programs.


Nova Scotia, Canada


I have participated in many of Heather's programs over the years be that various yoga classes, wellness coaching and also some wonderful workshops! The amount of dedication, knowledge, and beautiful energy she shares to support and nurture your healing journey truly goes above and beyond! I highly will fully love your experience 


Lindsay, ON, Canada


I attended yoga classes with Heather for many years.  She was very skilled at adapting poses to suit my capabilities.  She was caring and inspiring. 

I always left class feeling so good about myself.

Thank you, Heather!


ON, Canada

Thanks so much for visiting.

I'd love to hear from you.

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Wishing you so much love

~xo Heather 

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